Transportation Planning Updates

Updates on 2040 & Beyond and Statewide Implementation

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WA's Coordinated Policy & Implementation Plans

In April 2018, WSDOT adopted a 20-year implementation plan for the state transportation system, WTP 2035 Phase 2. Phase 2 builds on the Commission’s WTP 2035 Phase 1 policy plan for development of the state’s multimodal transportation system.

Planning for Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles (AV) are operating on Washington’s roadways today. As of late 2018, eight companies had self-certified their ability to safely operate in the state with the Washington Department of Licensing.

Video: Road Usage Charge Pilot Project

In 2012 the Legislature directed the Transportation Commission to conduct a full assessment of road usage charging (RUC), which is a pay-by-the-mile fee that could replace the state’s gas tax. A pilot test with 2000 vehicles ended in early 2019.